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The Final Version is a science fiction novel by A. M. Esmonde known for primarily writing horror. It was released on Kindle 18th May 2014, followed by the paperback May 26 of the same year. It ranked at #12 in the USA science fiction cyber punk chart on 31st August 2014 and #42 in the UK distopian science fiction chart on 30th August 2014.
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The Plot

The Final Version partly chronicles the history of genetics with snippets of a man's plight (Vasco) who cannot age influence over the discovery of DNA. This story thread runs parallel to a plot set in post-apocalyptic future a of a man named Denton, who is believed to be Vasco and responsible of various murders of famed figures throughout time.

He is abducted by Warren (an illegal clone creator) and government official who wants to unravel his secret of living so long. Denton is convinced he is not Vasco and with the help of his former partner, Hope, they try to unravel the mystery before an assassin who knows the truth tries to kill him.

Main Characters

  • Jan Denton
  • Vaso
  • Hope
  • Warren

Points of interest

  • It appears that TV series' Forever, Almost Human, and Waywood Pines all borrow elements of the novel's concepts.
  • Even though there are different time periods throughout there is no time travel macguffin, the historic pieces are flashbacks and forwards.
  • As of 2015 this is A. M. Esmonde's first Science Fiction and highest ranking novel (#12).
  • Vasco is both anti-hero and anti-villain.
  • The original title was 'You are the Final Version.'
  • Wastelands, utopian and dystopian societIes feature.
  • Due to his popularity an incarnation of the Vasco character appears in Esmonde's 2016 novel 'Darkest Moons'.
  • The Final Version BookCover Preview

    The original 2014 The Final Version Book Cover

    It is difficult to pin point when WWIII occurs, however, whatever destructive device was used left buildings standing. This leaves the remaining survivors (who have converged on a few remaining city's world wide) have whole buildings to live in to themselves. To benefit for this arrangement occupants seemingly have to adhere to the consistent surveillance/monitoring. It echoes Blade Runner and Aeon Flux in chapters, with hints of The Thing and Mad Max in others.
  • Denton visits every continent.
  • Given it is set post WIII the future appears quite habitable (excluding the wastelands and industrial areas). State Side while the rain beats down there are while plastic pavements/side walks and Neon lights have made a come back.
  • It's a 'kitchen sink' book as it has so much in it. However, it's pulls off bringing the sci-fi elements, (not limited to) A.I, cloning, cryogenics and Robotics together with the historic chapters and the events that are touched on subtly which include the discovery of DNA, Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, Anastasia's disappearance, Spanish Conquistadors encounters, painter Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio's fate to name a few.
  • Religion is outlawed and practised by underground sects. Notbaly the MJ and King sect.

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The Final Version BookCover Preview

The Final Version Book Cover

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